Begin! and The Fine Print

Your first step: query me via email at this address:

tanyasaari AT gmail DOT com

and let me know the length of your manuscript and the (sub)genre, and indicate which level of service you're looking for. As well, please attach a sample of your work as follows:

For novels: Send me the first 10% of your book (ie. for a 120-page novel, send me the first 12 pages) plus a 2-5 page synopsis.
For novellas: Send the first 10 pages plus a 1-2 page synopsis.

You will receive a reply within 24-48 hours. If we agree to the terms and level of service required, I'll send you an official agreement for you to read, sign and return to me, along with your manuscript plus the downpayment indicated in the agreement. Any balance owing will be due when your manuscript is returned to you.

The Fine Print

Payments are currently made via PayPal or bank e-Transfer (for Canadian clients) only. Details will be included in the official work agreement.

I do not do work on school assignments (college or University).

A referral discount of 15% will be applied to your next project with me, once your referral's project is complete and paid in full.

Disclaimer: While we will do everything in our power to ensure that your work is of the best quality it can be, utilizing the services of Tanya Saari, Fiction Editor in no way guarantees sales of your self-published book, nor does it guarantee a contract with a traditional print publisher. We cannot be held liable for publisher rejections or poor sales records.