What others are saying about Tanya Saari, Fiction Editor:

"Tanya greatly exceeded my expectations with her editing work. She is astoundingly good, especially given her price point, and she gave thorough consideration to elements such as continuity, tense, and other common pitfalls for writers. I highly recommend her work to any author seeking an airtight edit. Thanks, Tanya!"
 -- Elle, author of The Fall: An Autobiography of an Alter Ego

"Any author looking for an editor to polish their story to a high sheen should hire Tanya Saari. Her services are professional, she is excellent at catching pesky repetition and inconsistencies, and best of all, she offers constructive criticism with a gentle hand. I highly recommend Tanya as a good editor who is easy to work with."
-- Anna Hackett, author of The Anomaly Trilogy

"I've had a chance to go through the copyedit and I found your services professional, thorough, helpful, and fast!"
-- Author C. I. Black