Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tuesday Tips: Hobby or Career?

You want to write a book. You know desperately, deep down in your soul that that's what you're meant to do. You've got a notebook overflowing with story ideas, each one better than the last.

So what do you do with this ambition, those great ideas? Do you sit down at your computer every once in a while, when the mood strikes, and tap out a paragraph or two? Or do you have a daily routine that incorporates either page count or word count goals?

Which trait do you think is going to lead to greater success?

We all know people who've said that magical phrase, "Oh, I'm going to write a book someday." don't we? We might wonder if this magnificent piece of literature will ever see the light of day, especially when the author (to be) makes excuse after excuse for not having the book finished.

But the author who rises at 7:00AM every morning and steadfastly types away at the keyboard for two hours, or the mother who steals thirty minutes of time during her baby's nap, or the guy who stays up until midnight every night, steadily working -- they have a much greater chance of success, even though (for example, in the mother's case) the daily word count totals might be quite low.

What's the difference here?

It's the fact that the authors who are writing consistently and regularly, setting aside specific blocks of time to work, are treating their writing as a job, not a hobby. And this is what you need to do, especially if you are serious about writing books and making this your career or second source of income. Despite what you might believe, you *can* get up a half-hour earlier, or stay up a half-hour later. Or skip watching that sitcom. Or spend less time aimlessly surfing the internet. (Okay, I know, that one's easier said than done!) There *is* time out there -- you just need to find it and commit to using it productively. And if you can do that, you're a giant step ahead of all those who say "Oh, one day..."

Good luck!

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