Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tuesday Tips: Take a Break

As you're all aware, the holiday season is upon us. Suddenly our days seem to be filled with concerts, parties, shopping, baking and cleaning. During all this hustle and bustle it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with your daily or weekly writing goals*. And you know what? That's okay. Don't beat yourself up about missing a day or two of writing. You should be taking time to spend with your family and friends. Go sledding with the kids. Curl up in front of the TV with hot chocolate and watch a favorite family classic. Build a gingerbread house. Go look at Christmas lights.

In other words, look at these moments as refilling your creative well. Use the time you're not at your desk to take in the world around you and enjoy it. And if you really feel the need to add to your word count, ask for an hour or two of quiet time. Send the family out shopping or to the movies, and take advantage of that break.

As with goal-setting in general, it shouldn't be an "all or nothing" attitude. Flexibility is key, especially if you do have a family and commitments outside of the home. Keeping this sort of attitude will reduce your stress levels and help you to be more productive. After all, how creative can you be if you've continually got one eye on the calendar?

Good luck, and Happy Holidays!

*Don't have goals or know about goal setting? We'll be talking about that in January!

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